Vol 17, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents


Effects of preceding preparation in breath-hold divers: gas analysis in expired air and blood PDF
Florian Thürk, Eugenijus Kaniusas
Phasic nicotinic potentiation of frog retinotectal transmission facilitates activation of NMDA receptors of tectum column PDF
Armuntas Baginskas, Vilija Kuraite, Antanas Kuras
Spectrofotometrical determination of reduced glutathion and lipid peroxidation in liver of cadmium and zinc treated mice PDF
Kristina Cijauskaitė
Children activity recognition from accelerometer data PDF
Rimas Adaškevičius
Challenges and limits in personalized dietary logging and analysis PDF
Istvan Vassanyi, Istvan Kosa, Balazs Pinter
A Brief Review of Accelerometry and Heart Rate Measurements Based Physical Activity Monitoring PDF
Dainius Stankevičius, Vaidotas Marozas
Research of human perception of spatial sound direction PDF
Inga Kilinskaitė
Wearable system concept for monitoring of maternal and fetal heart activity PDF
Algimantas Kriščiukaitis, Robertas Petrolis, Vaidotas Marozas, Saulius Daukantas, Vladas Gintautas, Arūnas Lukoševičius, Mantas Lukoševičius
Electromagnetic radiation research and evaluation in the workplace of the ship and in Klaipeda port area PDF
Julius Berneckis
A Modified Lewis ECG Lead System for Wearable Atrial Fibrillation Monitoring PDF
Andrius Petrėnas
A Method for Analysis of Shape Variation of Visual Evoked Potentials Based on Karhunen-Loeve Transform PDF
Asta Kybartaite, Algimantas Kriščiukaitis
The use of stochastic and deterministic loads in students PDF
Aksana Kotava, Vasilij Senko, Natalia Siarheichyk
A multidimensional model of depression in coronary artery disease patients PDF
Albinas Stankus
Prognostic impact of depressive mood, behavioural and health factors on sleep quality PDF
Arvydas Martinkenas
Estimation of irregularity of heart rate day and night PDF
Ilona Rachnova
Application of passive change of extremity posture in registration of intensity of arterial blood flow PDF
Jonas Liudas Poderys
Peripheral blood perfusion controlled by auricular vagus nerve stimulation PDF
Jozsef Constantin Szeles, Stefan Kampusch, Eugenijus Kaniusas
Comparison of Green, Blue and Infrared Light in Wrist and Forehead Photoplethysmography PDF
Vytautas Vizbara
Pulse arrival time estimation based on fundamental frequency component extraction PDF
Andrius Rapalis, Artūras Janušauskas, Vaidotas Marozas
Automatic medical image analysis for measuring cortical bone porosity PDF
Mihails Kovalovs, Aleksandrs Glazs
Semi-automatic method for delineation of midbrain in transcranial ultrasound images PDF
Andrius Sakalauskas
Interaction of practice and fatigue effects in mental rotation PDF
Donatas Noreika
3D model creation based on 2D images PDF
Olga Krutikova, Aleksandrs Glazs
Displacement of the edges of the filled intervals in the Oppel-Kundt illusion PDF
Tadas Surkys, Aleksandr Bulatov
Additivity effects in the visual illusions of extent PDF
Aleksandr Bulatov, Natalja Bulatova, Arūnas Bielevičius, Tadas Surkys
Neural pathways for eye movements during self-moved object guiding PDF
Saulius Niauronis
Extraneous distractors in the Brentano illusion PDF
Aleksandr Bulatov, Lina Mickienė, Natalja Bulatova, Algirdas Gutauskas, Jelena Loginovič
Visual field and visual acuity and secretory and non secretory pituitary adenomas associations PDF
Girena Slatkeviciene, Rasa Liutkevičienė, Giedrimantas Bernotas, Arimantas Tamasauskas
Sonoporation-mediated intracellular delivery dependence on molecule size PDF
Nerijus Lamanauskas
Development of the stable ultrasound phantoms for superficial human tissue investigation PDF
Kristina Andrėkutė
Virtual model for piezo-actuators adjustment PDF
Vytautas Stankus
Significance of muscle hyperthermia during sonoporation PDF
Mindaugas Tamosiunas
New sonotransfer evaluation method using fluorescent dye ethidium bromide and image processing program ImageJ PDF
Alvydas Stanius, Paulius Ruzgys, Nerijus Lamanauskas, Saulius Šatkauskas
Functional acuity contrast assesment in young and in middle age healthy persons at the night time PDF
Jelena Sidorova
Best and worse color sense discrimination in males and females PDF
Dzastina Cebatoriene
The severity of ophthalmic manifestations in children and young adults with thyroid diseases PDF
Jurate Jankauskiene, Dalia Jarusaitiene
Functional acuity contrast sensitivity test at the day time in the early forms of age-related macular degeneration with normal visual acuity PDF
Rasa Ciumbaraite
Evaluation of Morphometric and Shape Parameters of Optic Nerve Disk in Norm and Glaucoma based on Optical Coherence Tomography PDF
Asta Kybartaite, Dovile Buteikiene
Ann Matviychuk