Information for Authors

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General Specifications

Authors should submit originally written, previously unpublished work to BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING 2016.

Conference contributions will be reviewed by one independent referee.

Conference papers will be published in a separate issue of proceedings "Biomedical engineering 2016" (ISSN 2029-3380).

Accepted for publication manuscript should be revised in accordance with remarks, otherwise reasonable explanation of ignoring some remark to correct his manuscript should be presented. After the review, revised articles should be submitted through web-site along with detailed response (a separate file) in written for the reviewers concerning the performed corrections. Corrections must be provided in other text color.

If your paper is accepted, you will be required to upload on the web-site:

  1. Your final paper (by the Final Paper Submission Deadline),
  2. Corrections list (as a supplementary file),
  3. AUTHOR's guarantee form (as a supplementary file),
  4. A compressed graphic files (as a supplementary file),
  5. The payment copy (as a supplementary file).

Registration fee must be paid (by November 13, 2016) for each publication to be approved.

Each accepted publication must be presented at the conference by one of the authors. The accepted papers must be formatted according to the guidelines. 

Note: Before you begin the submission process be sure your paper is formatted according to the paper requirements. Your paper will be rejected if it is not compliant with the format style.

Key Warnings to Authors (please read)

DO NOT USE password protection in submitted contributions.
Make sure not to include headers and footers in your contribution. Especially, make sure it is not page numbered.

DO NOT USE national characters or two-byte characters within the title, abstract, nor in the author information subtitles of your contribution (to facilitate indexing and searching using international character set).